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Totoong Buhay ng mga Sikat na Artista Noong Hindi pa Sila Sikat!

Not all local celebrities were conceived with a silver spoon. Indeed, there are celebrities who wound up plainly mainstream simply because...

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Not all local celebrities were conceived with a silver spoon. Indeed, there are celebrities who wound up plainly mainstream simply because of their family who was already part of the industry, while there were likewise some who worked their way to the best. Truth be told, we have here the list of celebrities and their previous job before they rose to fame.

1. Marian Rivera

Before she rose to fame, she was working as a special education teacher. Also, she had a job at the National Institute of Mental Health.

2. Coco Martin 

This hunk actor has a lot of job experiences. He worked as a construction worker and a janitor before he became an Indie Film actor.

3. Ai Ai Delas Alas 

This comedienne used to be a saleslady at a department store. It was her job to entertain the mall goers.

4. Richard Yap 

Before he entered the industry, he is already popular in the field of business. He is a businessman who owns a fast-food franchise and furniture shops.

5. Jericho Rosales 

He is the living proof that hard work truly pays off in the end. He was once a fish vendor before he rose to fame.

6. Piolo Pascual 

This hunk actor used to be an ER Representative in Los Angeles before he became a well-known celebrity.

7. Nora Aunor 

The veteran actress Nora Aunor used to be a vendor before she entered the industry. She sold peanuts and water in train stations.

8. Solenn Heussaff 

Today, she’s already a model and an actress. But before, she’s a makeup artist. She even has a degree in makeup and fashion in Paris.

9. Richard Gomez 

He has just revealed that he once worked as a service crew in McDonald’s.

10. Jose Manalo 

This popular comedian used to work behind the camera. Before he became a celebrity, he was once a production assistant.

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