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Isang Teenager, Tinapos ang Buhay Matapos Umanong Paglaruan ng kanyang Kasintahan!

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“Walang forever” This is how this netizen started his lengthy post about how his nephew committed suicide because of depression. According to the netizen named Junno Miranda Sarmiento, his 18-year-old nephew ended his life because of the intense sadness, the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness is what made him end his life.

Sarmiento descriped his 18-year-old nephew as “matalino, bibo, masipag, wais. 3rd year college student of la consolation college of tanauan batangas”

However, everything started to fall apart when his nephew talked about how hard it is for him to let go of his girlfriend.

According to Sarmiento, he was able to read all the conversation of his nephew with his girlfriend who no longer wants to be with him and already wanted to end their 4-year relationship. Sarmiento also added that the girl blocked his nephew the moment she realized that can no longer handle the long distance relationship.

On December 28, 2017, Sarmiento and their other relatives noticed the changes in Ricjohn. Sarmiento recalls: “Nag bago na ang mood ng pamngkin ko tumamlay, lagi nasa kwarto, malungkot at medyo stress and payat. He is longing for positive words na sasabihin ng mga kaibigan at kapamilya niya pero parang di niya na aabsorb ang mga salita at pangaral ng mga nakapaligid saknya na paniwala niya is una at huli na si ate girl na magiginh jowa niya.”

A month had passed and this time, he found out that his nephew was able to talk to his girlfriend again. But then, it’s quite heartbreaking because they didn’t fix their relationship. In fact, the girl even told his nephew that she would let him meet her new boyfriend. At some point, they realized that it was already the end of everything.

“Dito na nag simula ang pag ka praning, paranoid at pag iisip siguro narinig ng mga tita at tito ko na sumisigaw ang pamangkin ko na: “HINDI AKO LARUAN!!!” ”

On February 1, 2018, everyone’s already preparing for school, when they noticed that Ricjohn hasn’t come out of his room yet, so his brother decided to wake him up. The moment his sibling opened the door, she saw her brother’s body hanging from the ceiling.

“Nakasabit sa kumot at nakatali sa kanyang leeg bilis bilis na bumaba ang kanyang kptid habang naiyak …”

In the end, Sarmiento concluded that ‘too much love kills’ because it ended the life of his nephew.

Also, Sarmiento wrote a message for everyone: “Sa lahat ng kabataan at taong nakikitaan niyo ng depression or sobrang kalungkutan wag niyong hayaan na maging susi ito na maging marahas sila saknilang sarili. Ang depression ay magaling manlinlang ng tao kapag kahrap mo okay sila pero pag talikod ay hindi.”

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