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WARNING: If You Cannot Reach Your Toes, Your Heart is Not Healthy! Find Out Here Why!

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Cardiovascular disease or also known as heart disease is conditions which involve the narrowing or blocking the blood vessels that can cause to a heart attack, chest pain or stroke. It also the conditions that affect the heart’s muscles, valves or rhythm. 

Some studies called this disease as a silent killer, because most of the time, it has no symptoms. When the symptoms of heart disease occur, they usually vary from person to person. Symptoms of this disease can include chest pains, fatigue, shortness of breathing and fainting. It is strongly recommended that if you experience these symptoms, you should visit a doctor and have yourself checked.

Good news, there are studies saying that you can detect whether your heart is still in a good condition or not. People who can reach their toes have a healthy heart.

526 participants joined the study in U.S.A (North Texas) with an age range from 20-83 years old. During the practice, the blood pressure, arteries and heart of the participants are measured and observed. The study found out that there is a connection between the artery elasticity and the body, especially for the individuals at their 40.

The research proved that people who cannot reach their toes have heart disease.

Follow this step and know the condition of your heart:

Sit on the floor with your feet extended forward. Your toes should be pointing up. Reach your toes using your two hands. If you are flexible enough to reach your toes, then your heart is in a good condition.

Sources: TCF / TAUHN


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