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Sinio Revealed Something about 'Ann Mateo' on his FlipTop Battle vs. Shehyee! WATCH HERE!

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The FlipTop Battle League is the first and largest professional rap battle conference in the Philippines, a few years back, Fliptop rap battles gained recognition in the Philippines quickly after several videos of such went viral on YouTube.

Millions of Filipinos trooped to the popular video sharing website to watch two men test each other’s with rhythms and clever lines delivered in an impressive tongue-twisting manner. The men also test each other’s tolerance for insults.

Recently a video of Sinio and Shehyee, one of the most popular FlipTop emcees in FlipTop battle, has been circulating in social media. Lot of netizens talk about how they insult each other while rapping, especially how Sinio talks about Ann B. Mateo, the current girlfriend of Shehyee.

At first, Shehyee talks about Sinio's wife how this ugly and fat. But Sinio not back down and went back with the most controversial insult for Shehyee, he talks about Shehyee's girlfriend in an unusual way.

Watch the full fight of FlipTop Battle below!

Sources: LF / Posade


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