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President Duterte Give a Message at Baste's Relationship with Ellen Adarna; His Son's Reply is Hilarious!

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President Rodrigo Duterte was known to be a very outspoken person. Many controversies arise because he has a foul mouthed personality. But this character did stop him becoming the president of the Republic of the Philippines

Many issues linked to the president that made him so famous in the whole world. One of these issues is calling the president of the United States, Barack Obama and Pope Francis “son of a whore”. The netizens are half hearted about these issues. Some people are criticizing the president with his attitude, but others are in favor of president Duterte because they believe that he is a man of action. 

Another controversy went viral with social media today. The issue is all about the president’s son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte. The president’s son was linked to the sexy star, actress, Ellen Adarna, at first the two were denying the relationship, but last December they admitted that they already set apart.

During the speech President Duterte in Davao City, he talked about his son, Baste. 

“Ang isang bunso, isa pa ring tarantado. Hindi na umuuwi ng bahay. Sige lang doon kay Adarna,” the president said.

“Tinanong ko iyong apo ko eh. Kaya ko kinuha, nilagay ko sa bahay na maliit, iyong katabi lang din ng bahay ko…’Sinong mahal mo? Papa mo at pati mama mo?’ Mama lang.” It’s a tragedy. Magsagot ang bata nang ganoon,” Duterte added.

The president's son, Baste has his immediate response to his father, posted on his Facebook account, saying “I really love being his favourite son. Chill lang Pa, hiwalay na kami December pa, nakalimutan mong sinabihan kita noon New Year nasa bahay tayo ni Mama,”.

Sources: LF / Scoop


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