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MUST WATCH: Alice Dixon Finally Breaks Her Silence About on "Taong Ahas" in Robinson's Galleria!

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Urban legends are so called modern folklore consisting of fictional stories. Some urban legends have passed through the years, but still entertaining to listen to. These are like old horror stories from our grandparents that we always love to hear because of the hidden mystery in it. Most of the urban legends tend to reflect modern circumstances. 

Just like the urban legend of “Robinson’s Galleria Mall”. The rumors started in 1990, that Robina Gokongwei has a snake twin brother. The snakeman monitored the hidden camera installed in dressing rooms in the mall so he can see the beautiful women. He will just click a button and the lady that he wanted will fall automatically in his den. The story became more popular when the actress, Alice Dixon was said to be a victim. But she fortunately escaped after falling down into the room of the snake. 

Last December 17, in Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s “Sarap Diva”, Alice Dixon, once again interviewed regarding this issue. 

Regine Velasquez asked Alice how true is the issue of "Taong Ahas" that she was supposed to be one of the victims of it.

“Supposedly, pero hindiyan totoo!” Alice said in the interview.

According to some reports, Alice Dixon allegedly received money from the Gokongwei’s for her silence. 

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