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Man Injects His Sperm Inside The Egg Of The Chicken, The Results Were Surprising! WATCH HERE!

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Have you ever thought of the things that is so weird that keeps your mind fiddling with what will be the result? Well, if you are fond of some sort of experiments to prove something, this video is for you. However, this video is not encouraging you to do it, but this serves as a proof that we, humans, have astounding minds beyond our normal thinking.

A Russian guy made this very strange experiment as to what will be the outcome if he would inject his own sperm cells inside the shell of a chicken egg. This idea has been done, not only him, but others way back the late Medieval, based on the writings of Paracelsus. The said test was called Homunculus, which is a Latin word for 'little man'. Paracelsus claimed that a small humanoid could be created in the womb of a horse. This process, in an artificial way, is also called 'alchemical process'.

After injecting his own semen inside the chicken egg, he placed it in a dark and warm place for ten days. After ten days of waiting, he opened the shell and found a solid, strange creature inside of it. The appearance was so different compared from the usual fetus of a chicken. The results were so surprising as he followed on what a late scientist did who is specialized in the field of Alchemy.

Watch the video below and you will get surprised, too!

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