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Ellen Adarna Wants a Guy With a 'Good Genes' to Give Her a Baby! MUST READ HERE!

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When Ellen Adarna ended her relationship with presidential son Sebastian 'Baste' Duterte, news broke that the sexy actress partied her heart out with fellow friends Arci Muñoz and Danita Paner on a club, as documented on her Instagram page. She captioned it by saying "la love life paba tayo? Wag na! Di na kailangan hahhahah"

But in another interview with ABS-CBN, the actress revealed that she wanted to have a baby by the time she reaches 30-years-old. Ellen told the press that her partner, whoever he might be, has the option to not get married to her, but that he should be able to give her a baby.

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According to her, she said "I don't want to get married. Maybe when I'm 40, gusto ko anak muna. And I talked to my parents about it already, and I just have to find a partner na may good genes."

Ellen is a few months away from turning 29 and she claimed that she wanted someone with a high IQ and a tall height to compensate for her petite structure. She even said that she already has someone in mind, an ex-boyfriend.

"I'm really gonna get pregnant, promise. Meron na akong ka-deal," she said. Ellen added that her ex-boyfriend is a foreigner. "I have to like him, at least like him. May connection man lang. Hindi naman 'yong pupulutin ko sa gilid-gilid lang."

The actress noted that just like any woman, she wanted to get married and have children with the person she loves, but now, she has no idea. She claimed that she doesn't really know if her target age would be 30-years-old and added that she prefers having a child first before having to settle down with a man.

What do you think of Ellen's idea? Do you think she'll settle down soon? Share to us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sources: LF / ABS-CBN


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