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CONTROVERSIAL: Ann Mateo's Parents will Reportedly 'File a Case' Against Sinio for His Remarks!

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Recently, a FlipTop encounter between rappers Sinio and Shehyee made rounds on the internet after it delivered one of the most entertaining rap battles ever. 

Shehyee did his best to be on par with Sinio, who happened to be a crowd favorite ever since he started in the league. While the battle started with a shallow trash talk and personal attacks, it later involved the rappers' partners. 

Shehyee started insulting Sinio's wife, saying she was ugly and fat. When it was Sinio's time to rebut, he made sure his line was memorable.

He made unflattering remarks about FHM model Ann B. Mateo, Shehyee's girlfriend. He insinuated that Mateo was promiscuous, which won the approval of the audience. 

However, some people agreed that Sinio went way below the belt. Ironic, considering rap battles are supposed to have lines that go straight for the jugular.

Anne's mother is allegedly planning to file a case against Sinio. It was Sinio himself, who shared the news. He posted a status update on his Facebook account saying, "Demandahan na gusto. Yari na. Mahirap lang po kami."

He clarified that he understood why Anne's mother took it personally because it was difficult for her to understand how rap battles work. However, he also said that he will not take back what he said as the video is already out there and it has already been watched by many people. 

Many netizens showed their support for Sinio, stating that this is just how the rap battle craft works and that people shouldn't get affected by the things that are said on stage. 

Meanwhile, there are no official statements yet coming from Anne or his mother regarding the issue. There is also no confirmation yet whether they will be pushing through with filing a complaint against Sinio.

RELATED: Sinio Revealed Something about 'Ann Mateo' on his FlipTop Battle vs. Shehyee! WATCH HERE!


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