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Angel Locsin Forced to Cut Her Hair Short Just Because Of This Reason! MUST READ HERE!

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Is she heartbroken?  Is she okay?  What happened to her? These are just some of the reactions and questions the public had when Angel Locsin revealed her new look recently.

 What's The Real Reason Why Angel Locsin Cut Her Hair Short? Read it Here!

The actress' long hair was cut drastically and it's now significantly shorter. But contrary to what others are thinking, no, she is not heartbroken and she is definitely okay.

It's just a case of a tragic salon fiasco.

Yes, you read it right. Angel Locsin's beautiful hair was destroyed by a treatment she had done on her hair. It happened late last year and she admitted that she had to wear wigs to hide the hideous appearance of her hair. During an interview with ABS-CBN's MJ Felipe she shared that unfortunate things like that really do happen.

"Sh*t happens, sh*t happens talaga" the actress said.

The outcome of the treatment was so disastrous that it almost made the drama actress go bald. Angel recalled that there was even a moment when her hair needed to be reduced to just two inches to alleviate the damage.

Being an endorser of a popular shampoo brand, the hair horror story affected her job. Right now,  she is looking for possible cases that can be filed against the salon and its management.

"Honestly, wala talaga akong plan para mag-file ng case but depende din kasi kung paano sila makikipag-usap sa akin. Gusto ko lang fair sila and I think iyon naman ang dapat, 'di ba? Kailangan may responsibility naman kasi talaga," Angel said.

 What's The Real Reason Why Angel Locsin Cut Her Hair Short? Read it Here!

Yet even with a short hairstyle,  the actress looks every bit as gorgeous and sassy as she used to when she had long locks.

What do you think of Angel Locsin's new hairstyle?

Sources: LF / ABS-CBN


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