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77 Years After Being Raped of Three Men, She Finally Meets Her Daughter for the First Time! WATCH HERE!

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Every woman dreams of having their own child at the right time. A baby is a blessing from God that should be loved and take good care of. 

But what if a baby is a fruit of a sin? Is it right to make the child feel that she or he is just a mistake?

Just likthe story of Minka, 93 year old woman, who suffered from a traumatic experience when she was 16 years old. She was at a picnic in the woods with her friends and suddenly, three strangers attacked them. Minka was separated from the group and got raped.

She was emotionally and physically damaged by what happened and tried to forget that tragic moment. But after some time, she noticed that there were some changes in her body and shocked to find the truth that she was pregnant. Minka was hiding her pregnancy for 9 months and after giving birth to the child named Betty Jane, she decided to give up the baby for adoption.

After how many years, she felt that she was longing for her baby and appealed to the court for the release of the adoption records of Betty Jane, but rejected many times.

“Lord, I’d like to see Betty Jane before I die. I promise I won’t bother her or interrupt her life. I just want to lay eyes on her,”Minka prayed desperately.

One phone call changed the life of Minka, she was informed that she can see her daughter, Betty Jane who is now 77 years old.

Watch the video below and see how heart melting the moment Minka laid her eyes on her daughter.

It has about you not committed a mistake, but the most important thing is how to accept your mistakes and make it right.

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