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WATCH: Say Goodbye to Blackheads with These DYI Home Remedies!

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The standards of being beautiful have taken into a higher level. Society has this perception that beauty is synonymous with being slim, flawless and white. That's why a lot of people, especially women, exert their efforts and money in order to maintain their body.

The skin is the most pampered body part relative to being beautiful. Many are enrolling themselves to some sessions of costly medical processes to sustain or achieve a noticeable unblemished skin. A number of beauty regimen which are natural and do-it-yourself are available However, they are commonly unknown to everybody.

Blackheads belong to the long list of skin issues that create a stress to many. Well, we have the answers on how you can treat it yourself at home:

Baking soda - It helps in sustaining the acidity level (pH level) of the skin. Consequently, using baking soda will help reduce the oiliness that causes blackheads. Just mix it with clean water attaining the proper texture and use the mixture to wash your face.

Toothbrush - This is quite weird, but very helpful. Scrub it on your face using mild and circular strokes. For best results, you may apply lemon juice or jojoba oil in aid to the process.

Tomato juice - Apply it on your face and wash it after a few minutes It is filled with Vitamins C and A which are essential in avoiding or eliminating blackheads.

Egg white - Apply the first layer of egg white on your face and cover it with tissue. Apply the second layer to form a mask. It will aid in minimizing the pores and getting rid of blackheads.

Green tea - Aside from the great effects of green tea in the digestive tract, it has also great results in fighting blackheads if chilled and applied on the face. Rinse it with water after about 15 minutes.

Steam - Boil an ample amount of water. Incline your face parallel to the steam for 5 minutes.

Bentonite clay - Use this as a face mask and expect blackhead-free skin.

Raw honey - Apply honey and leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Maintain a clean pillow - Keep your pillows clean. The accumulation of oil from time to time will cause blackheads and other skin problems.

Do not pinch your blackheads - It will just aggravate the problem. Your blackheads might lead to acne or other infections if you squeeze them.

You may also watch this video below as featured in AlexandrasGirlytalk on YouTube:

Sources: YouTube / XocialHive


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