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WATCH: Rbreezy Babe Makes a Major Comeback With a Viral Video and It Isn't Hard to See Why!

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Most of the girls in this generation are very fashionable. They always wanted to be in the trend even if the new styles do not fit them. But there are still girls that wanted the old school dresses. 

But why do girls wear provocative dresses? Is that really makes them feel sexy? Or just seeking the attention of the guys around her?

Girls wear provocative clothes because they feel that they are gaining confidence on it. They are wearing sexy clothes to have the attention of others and they feel beautiful when people are looking at them. 

But what the other people think about you when you are almost naked by the clothes you choose to wear?

Just like RBreezy girl, Mariel Jane Russel Mallillin who went viral after posting her video dancing to the tune of Starving by Rapsy. She was wearing a white tank top and it earned 1.4 million views in 8 hours. 

A 35-second video clip has 37,000 reactions, 20,000 shares and now 2.4 million views.

Watch it below and find out why this became viral.

Tell us something about the video that you have seen. Write your comments below.


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