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WATCH: 'Rambolan sa McDo' Video Goes Viral Online!

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The video showing a fistfight between minors inside a McDonald's restaurant goes viral.
A video of a group of men involved in a brawl in a local fast-food restaurant went viral on social media. The incident took place at McDonald's and was videotaped by one of the bystanders.

The fight ensued near the entrance of the restaurant wherein a group of guys attacked one man and started kicking and punching him while slapping him with a slipper, essentially beating him up for good. Once the guy fell inside the restaurant, the group of men backed away and from there security officials and crew members intervened to break up the rumble.

The two groups continued exchanging words throughout the whole incident with one guy calling his friend to ask for help. Netizens pointed out that the aggregators should be held accountable for the incident and be jailed for their actions while others pointed out the lack of action the security guard during the brawl.

People cautiously reminded everyone to be careful and alert at all times and avoid having any fights with anyone as much as possible to avoid incidents like this from happening. Eventually, the group who attacked the guys left after a few minutes, thus ending the video.

Watch the video below!

You may find the original video HERE.

Source: TCF

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