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WATCH HERE: Video of Ellen Adarna, Danita Paner and Archi Arci Muñoz's Wild Party Night!

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Remember when sexy actress Ellen Adarna was linked to hot presidential son, Baste Duterte? Well, she just had her break-up with him and just like all ordinary people, she went all-out and partied her heartaches away with fellow girlfriends Arci Muñoz and Danita Paner. 

According to her Instagram video, Ellen had the wildest night with the two actresses. She also used the same platform when she informally announced that she’s no longer linked to the hot surfer. Sad, right? 

In a similar fashion, Arci also announced on her Instagram that she and her then-boyfriend (who’s the hot Prince of Brunei, by the way!) Badi del Rosario were no longer an item. This was on January 6. 
What do you do when you’re trying to forget a relationship that has gone bad? Party all night and drink your heart out, of course! This is exactly what these girls did when they captured their night out with the caption, “Girls Night Out bah? Hahahaha saya! @danitapaner @ramonathornes la love life paba tayo? Wag na! Di na kailangan hahhahah"

Look at them being so wild together! 

Isn’t it insane? If you were in Arci and Ellen’s position, what would you do if your partner leaves you in your relationship? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sources: TCF / Instagram


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