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WARNING: 18 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest in the Relationship!

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Falling in love with someone is the most wonderful thing that you can ever experience. Being in love has a big effect on an individual. Sometimes, it can make you a better person, but sometimes too much love can lead to selfishness and the saddest part is death. 

Loving someone is not always just for fun or inspiration, but, it is a big responsibility that you have to take. You need to exert efforts and always give time for your relationship to work. A good relationship also needs loyalty, faithfulness and respect. It is a give and take process. And you need to learn how to manage each other’s likes and dislikes. 

Here are some signs when your partner is falling out of love with you:

 1. They are too busy to give you time
- Your partner should always have time for you even in the busiest hours of his/her life. It is one way of showing that your partner cares and loves you.

 2. They are indecisive
- When you are always in a fighting situation, then your partner will decide to give up the relationship, then will decide on getting back. But will do another fight scene and will decide to quit permanently.

3. They make themselves the focus of attention
- Your partner seems to be very demanding and asking you to do things that you have no any other choice but to do it. That sometimes leads to a big argument.

4. They put the blame on you
- There are instances that you will feel that even in the smallest mistakes that you make, your partner will still bring it up and insist that it is your fault.

5. They treat you arrogantly
- When your partner makes you feel that you have no right to say anything. You have no right to talk, but only to listen.

6. Being disrespectful to you
- Your partner is not giving any importance to what is something you value. It is a sign that respect is not in the relationship.

7. They are non-supportive
- It is not healthy in a relationship to know that your partner is someone who does not have your back.

8. They make you feel worthless
- When your partner is making you feel that you don’t do anything right and does not trust any of your advice.

9. Their apologies do not mean anything
- Saying sorry is just a usual thing to your partner. Not sincere by saying sorry for their mistakes.

10. They try to change you
- Your loved one should accept you for who you are. And will not force you to change something that makes you a better person.

11. All sex, no love
- When you feel that sex becomes the center of your relationship. Only physical contact and not emotionally attached to your partner. 

12. They start cheating on you
- Faithfulness has been always part of a good relationship. Cheating on your partner is a crime.

13. No efforts made to protect you
- When you feel that your partner does not care about you anymore.

14. They do not bother remembering what you say
- When you love somebody, you always listen to what they say because for sure it is for your own sake.

15. They make you cry more often
- Hurting someone you love is not the usual thing to do. You should do things that can make your partner happy. And never make them cry.

16. They have it all to themselves
- When you are not part of the plan anymore and your partner is very busy making her/his own itinerary.

17. They have commitment issues
- Your partner should be committed to you as a sign of respect and love in your relationship

18. They treat you like an outsider
- Your partner always makes you feel that you do not belong. He/ She makes things that make you notice that you are not part of the discussion.

Source: RelRules


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