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This Missing "Singing Boy" was found Trapped Inside a Concrete Wall for 2 Years!

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There are a lot of mysteries happening, which cannot be explained even by science. Certain incidents recorded around the world are so fantastic that if you will examine, they would puzzle your thoughts. 

One of which is this video we found online; it is so unfathomable. In a normal setup, you will not be able to survive being cemented in a concrete, right? 

But this boy who starred the video, he was rescued alive after being embedded in a concrete wall for a whopping two years. His family lost hope and actually thought he was dead. 

The residents who are living and walking near the wall were scared because of a singing voice coming from the wall. 

They thought it was produced by ghosts. Until one day, they decided to demolish the wall to unveil the secret behind the sound; only to find out that it was produced by the same boy who was missing.

Imagine this, he was able to survive being the concrete wall with no food or water for 2 years. Again, it is such an eye-popping mystery. If you still cannot believe it, you may see the video below.

Watch the video here:


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