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This Guy Bashed by Netizens Over of His Shocking Confession! READ HERE!

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A particular confession posted in the UDM files Facebook page went viral after a guy who is in a relationship admitted that he liked someone else.

UDM stands for Universidad De Manila and the page was specifically created for anonymous confessions from its student body. Other universities have their own pages filled with anonymous tales where students are encouraged to submit their interesting stories. 

However, this story stood out above the rest because of this guy’s story and the reactions it elicited.

He started the story with the question "Is is a Sin?" and continued by asking if he was the only one experiencing this. 

According to him, he has been in a relationship for 3 years now and he loves his girlfriend very much. Their relationship wasn’t perfect and they had ups and downs. He continued by revealing that when he saw this particular girl, he started to develop feelings for her. 

The girl was a nursing student and had pretty much everything she likes about a girl. He described her as "maganda, palangiti, simple, sobrang lakas tumawa, down to earth, masayahin at higit sa lahat mabait". He also shared specific encounters he had with the girl which made him like her even more. 

In the end, he chose to stick with his girlfriend. However, he expressed his great dismay over not being with the nursing student and how he wishes he had met her sooner. He also hoped for her happiness and wished she would find a man who would treat her right.

The post did not sit well with most netizens. Many noted how he should just break up with his girlfriend as he did not love her enough. Many called him out for being unfair and for not understanding what real love is. 

One netizen reminded him of what he considers a man's true role: 
"agkamali ka bro :) hindi tayo "lalake lang" tayo yung sandalan ng mga minamahal naten kaya wag tayong gagawa ng ikakasakit ng damdamin nila , kase once na masaktan ang babae , madaming magbabago halos buong pagkatao babaguhin kahit na mas mali pa kesa sa ginawa nating mali  :) , 
first time kong mag comment dito  :) naisip ko lng girlfriend ko  :) hihi."

The post has already garnered over 43 thousand reactions and over 21 thousand shares as of this writing.

Read the full post below:

What would you have done if you were in the guy’s position? Share your opinions in the comments section!

Source: TCF


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