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This Father Died Before His Baby Was Born, But His Wife Did Something That Will Surely Break Your Heart!

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Every couple dreams to have a baby for them to raise, to love and to take good care of. Building their own family is what they are looking forward to. Being parents is a very big responsibility, but the happiness and the fulfillment that it can give is priceless. 

Just like Hector Daniel Ferrer and Kathryn Williams, who were very excited to welcome their angel in the family. They were also getting married and very positive to start a new life with their baby. 

Hector really loves riding on a motorcycle. He is very excited and happy that someday he will teach his child to do the same thing that he loves to do. He always secures their safety, wearing complete gears when riding on a motorcycle. 

 But the saddest part of Kathryn’s life happened. Hector was killed by his acquaintance and never had a chance to see his baby.

Kathryn named the baby, Aubrey. She was born a month after her father died. As a mother, Kathryn knows that she needs to be strong for their baby and need to go on with their lives.

Sources: TCF / Diply


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