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Techniques to Identify if a Woman is Still a Virgin; Using a String is An Amazing One!

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A woman's virginity is one of the most important aspect that some males are considering, especially in entering into a lifetime commitment. Specifically, in conservative countries and those that have strict cultures, being "pure" is such a big deal. Actually, it is quite unfair for women because this issue has only been emphasized among their sector, thus becomes a cause of discrimination and abomination. However, this is reality. Women have always been expected to be fresh and clean until the day of the wedding.

What are the effective techniques on how to identify if a lady is still a virgin? Well, these are just a few of them.

1. Hymen is still unbroken

- The hymen, a part of a woman's sexual that surround the opening, is the same tissue that is being torn during a female's first encounter. As for many beliefs, when it becomes loose and adulterated, it is a sign that a girl is still pure. However, some say that extreme activities can also affect hymen. So, it is not a true measure of virginity.

2. The muscle or skin of the upper arm is still tight.

- This is a common joke among adolescents. They believe that when a girl's muscle in the upper arm is still tight, it could also mean that she is still untouched. But then, there is still no scientific evidence about it.

3. Using a string.

- This is an amazing trick done by an unknown man from the Philippines (presumably because he is speaking in Tagalog). According to him, his trick might help parents to track their daughters if they are doing some "mysterious acts." 

Watch the video below:


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