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MUST WATCH: Two Women Went Viral After Causing a Scene at the Trinoma Garden!

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"The Youth Is The Hope of The Nation” This saying will always be remembered. Because the youth has a big responsibility in shaping the future of one’s nation. But sometimes the youth can be the biggest problem of the society if they are misguided with wrong principle and belief. The youth of before and the youth of this generation has a big difference. Some old people say that the youth before are very respectful and obedient while most of the youth today are very hard headed and showing violence in their actions. 

According to the research, the youth today has a higher amount of energy, full of ideas and too much potential in some ways. If these characteristics were used in a wrong way, this may lead to a negative results that can cause damage to everybody. Parents have a big responsibility for the behavior of their children. They are the ones who should teach the young ones what is right from wrong.

Just like the behavior of the two teenage girls who were caught in the camera while having a fight in the public.

Watch the video below and see what happened.

It is very important at a very young age, that the children are taught of good ethical habits. The parents and elders should be the first people who introduce it to them.


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