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MUST WATCH: Revelation about the 'Snake Man' in Robinson's Mall

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Many shoppers were shocked about the myth that was widespread involving a famous mall. Several people have been talking about the 'Snake Man' in Robinson's Mall. According to the folklore, the Chinese-Filipino business giant had a twin, a daughter who was born normal, and the said half-man and half-snake creature. Because the business owner was afraid of bad publicity towards the mall chain, they concealed the unique creature. However, it has access to the mall restrooms and fitting rooms. It was also believed that beautiful women were the favorite snack of the said 'one of a kind being.'

A new addition to the story has gone viral - a recording showing that the 'snake man' has passed away. Apart from that, many are still in doubt whether these speculations have confirmed basis or not. Everything is still a mystery since not a single person has brought out evidences that can establish facts. 

Be the judge and watch the video below:

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Sources: TCF / YouTube


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