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MUST WATCH: A Girl Doing Something With The Condom That She Received From Her School!

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Due to the increase in cases of teenagers infected with HIV and AIDS, the Department of Education (DEPED) together with the Department of Health (DOH) decided to distribute condoms in schools. DOH also recommends the parents to start sex education at home. 

Research shows that from 1984 to October 2016, a total of 38,114 HIV cases was recorded. And almost of the victims are at a young age. This campaign will help the people, especially the youth to know the importance of safe sex. By means of this, it can also decrease the cases of unwanted pregnancy. 

In line with this, a video of a girl playing with the condom went viral on social media. She was putting it inside of her nose and taking it out from her mouth. The rubber thing is distributed by her school as a campaign against HIV and AIDS. This video caught the attention of the netizens

Watch the video below and see what happened.

Did you find it funny? Or annoying? Let me hear from you. Do not hesitate to write your comments below.


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