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MUST READ: "F*CK" Message, Sent By The Girl To The Taxi Driver! See What Happened Next!

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Have you ever experience to be in trouble because of the slow connection of your telecommunication provider? But not that serious type of trouble, I mean! LOL 

In the early years of new generation, the technology is very fast growing. Developers and inventors see high technology as having the most potential growth for the future. As what is happening nowadays, different kinds of appliances, gadgets, electronic materials that have advanced features because of high technology.

As the years went by, more opportunities open for the people. Having the easiest access by the means of internet connection. Where you can use your cell phone as your personal computer. But sometimes, this advanced technology is not reliable as it should be. Due to the big number of demands by consumers, it cannot give the best service that should be given to the patronizers.

Just like what happened to Bea Ang, a netizen who had a misunderstanding with the taxi driver that she was supposed to rent. 

Read her post below to know what really happened.

Does it happen to you often? What can you say to those telecommunication companies? Write your comments below.


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