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LOOK: 10 Hilarious School Punishments, You Should Have Known!

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School is an institution provide for learning and is considered as the second home of the students. It is a place where you find new friends, develop your skills to communicate with other people and a place where you will learn to know what is right from wrong. 

Do you remember the days when your teacher asked you to face the wall because you were caught chit chatting to your seat mate during a class discussion? But that was an easy punishment for the students. Don’t you know that there are heavier punishments that being executed in schools?

Here are some lists of hilarious disciplinary action in schools:

1. Kneeling from frozen peas
- This punishment usually practice in Asia, it causes pain in the knees of a person, especially for a long period of time.

2. Holding hands in public  
- It embarrassed the men inside the campus. The reason why they will not make the same mistake again.

3. Police escort
- A child will be escorted by a policeman as a punishment.

4. Cone of shame
- It is like cone shape thing used by the dogs to avoid scratching their heads. It is also the one that is going to wear by a student as a sign of punishment.

5. Eat the food from the floor 
- This incident happened in New Jersey, when the teacher asked the students to eat the food from the floor as a punishment. The students sued the teacher and won the case.

6. A fine and community service for defending yourself
- A student paid $300 as a fine and had his 20 hours community service after hitting back the man who punched his face. 

7. Paddle    
- This punishment was given to a girl after copying the answers for the exam from her classmate.

8. Haircut
- Another punishment that you can experience, once you disobeyed the teacher in school.

9. Fake prom
You will have this punishment, once you asked the boy as your date to the prom. The fake prom is consisted of a girl and her partner with five disabled people. The lawsuit of this act cost the school $35000.

10. Panties worn down
- This punishment happened in all-girl school in Japan. Once you did not do your homework and you came late in school, you will experience this kind of punishment.

Sources: TCF / Metahowl


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