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11 Reasons Why Your Parner Don't Want To Make Love With You Anymore! Must Read for Couples!

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Having a good and healthy relationship is a dream of every couple. One factor of having a healthy relationship is being active in their sexual activity. It is natural for both partners to make love as expressing their love and respect for each other. Even if you are in a good relationship, it is important that you both are comfortable to make love, it is fine to say no. One must respect the decision of another if not ready to have sexual intercourse. 

But did you know that there some factors that cause for being inactive in sexual activities?

According to Dr. Lulu Marquez, here are the reasons why people are not in the mood for lovemaking:

- Sleeping with your children in your room
- Side effect of medicines and birth control pills
- Menopausal stage
- Testosterone deficiency
- Sleep deprivation
- Hormonal imbalance
- Alcoholism
- Obesity
- Chronic Stress
- Anxiety or Depression
- Poor body image
According to the research of healthily, come here are some natural remedies that you need to follow in order to increase your sexual drive.

1. It is good to have a glass of wine before going to sleep. But make sure that you will drink moderately so that the chances of reaching the climax will be successful.

2. Develop self confidence by complementing each other. Feeling good about yourself makes you libido higher.

3. If you encounter erectile dysfunction, use Basil’s scent to stimulate the senses. Garlic can also help to increase blood flow because of its natural property called allicin

4. Chocolates increase body energy and brighten your mood. It also helps to increase your libido.

 5. Eat fruits that are rich in aphrodisiac property such as bananas, figs and avocados.

Watch the video below and know the truth about the significance of sex.

Having a good sexual relationship with your partner is one of the secrets for a long and healthy relationship.

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