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WATCH: Would you Sell your Girlfriend for $11,000 for a One-Night-Stand? This Guy Would!

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Is it true, that even today, money can’t buy you happiness? Well, it may be true, but money can buy you a lot of things that can make you happy. And it is also a fact that money can make the world go ‘round. 

Many would say, “Money can’t buy me,” but in the end they give in to money too. This man decided to have his girlfriend rented out for $11,000—and his girlfriend was cool with it, too!

The prankster approached this couple and asked the man if how much he would sell his girlfriend for a one-night-stand. 
The boyfriend replied, “A million dollars.” Well not quite. I was thinking he would start throwing punches at the prankster as he and his girlfriend were both insulted. But, no.
When offered $1000 (a far cry from a million), it can be seen that he was ready to give in, but hesitated at the last moment and said that his girlfriend was not for sale. 
But when offered an additional $10,000 the boyfriend had a sudden change of mind—and so did his girlfriend!
Watch the video below.

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