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WATCH: Taiwanese Woman Pees On The Counter Of Family Mart and Drinks Her Pee Afterwards! Disgusting!

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Let's face it, each and every one of us are fond of doing crazy things, but I'm pretty sure that what we've all done, isn't as crazy as what this woman did! 

A disgusting footage of a Taiwanese woman has surfaced online and has been leaving everyone in disgust! 

In this video, a Taiwanese woman was caught entering the Family Mart. She might appear like an ordinary customer, but suddenly, she went on top of the counter and started removing her pants. 

The guy who works in the store tried to stop her from what she's up to, but in the end, he just let her do what she needs to do because she's already pulled off her pants.

A few moments later, the woman was then seen relieving herself by peeing into a cup on top of the counter bar. The worst part in the video is that she even drank her own pee! 

After drinking, she then headed out of the family mart as if she did nothing wrong! 

Watch the video below.

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