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WATCH: Snake Dies After Biting Woman's Fake Chest!

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Who would've thought that a snake would die because of biting a human? It is usually the other way around because of most reptile's poisons; but this incident really turned the tables upside down.

A model with a fake huge chest was bitten by a snake and unfortunately for the reptile, it died because of silicone poisoning. The daring model wearing little clothes exposing her chest killed a snake because of her implants. A video showing the moment the snake bit the model's chest went viral and netizens can't help but to make it a comical way of killing a reptile. 

It started when the daring model was holding the huge snake, making suggestive poses with it like putting it in front of her open mouth and letting it crawl on her neck. However, the snake went into a frenzy and suddenly bit her on her chest, which was filled with silicone implants.

The snake holders struggled to get the snake off the model and after a few moments, it just came off of her. The model was reported to have undergone a tetanus shot, but the snake died because of silicone poisoning.

Watch the video below.

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