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WATCH: How This Girl Lied to Her Boyfriend After Knowing That a Guy Wants Her to Go to Miami Thru a Jet!

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Have you heard of gold diggers? In reality, they are everywhere. Not literally a person who is digging gold  in a mine, but merely an idiomatic expression pertaining to a person, mostly women who use their charms, whose primary interest in a relationship is to get material benefits to someone.

Knowing the true motive of women is too hard to find out, unless a man has the chance to test their real purpose. The set up is so risky that a woman will get humiliated and embarrassed, which may lead to a scandalous action. Just like this video that made all viewers surprised. This man is too brave enough that he even don't care about what will happen next.

Coby Persin is a prominent YouTube prankster who came to a resolution to test if this girl would be convinced to go out with him, finding out that he has a jet plane. She got surprised at what she heard as the jet will take off in a few minutes going to Miami. She suddenly talked to her boyfriend over the phone that she even cancelled their plans. She just said that was not feeling well for the sake that she could go with Coby in Miami.

Because of that, she was infamously called by Coby as a "Jet-Digger". 

Watch the video below on how she got ashamed.

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