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WATCH: Female Pastor’s Husband Molested Church Employees And It Was Caught On Video!

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Controversy was stirred in a local church in Caloocan after a female employee accused the pastor’s husband of molesting her and other church workers.

The victim, hidden under the name ‘Elena’, alleged that the husband begun his inappropriate advances towards her in January of last year. Elena recalls that he embraced her which she didn’t pay any mind to because she thought it was merely a fatherly gesture.

When he tried to kiss her, that’s when she knew something was wrong.

She tried to tell the female pastor of her husband’s unwanted advances – but ended up being threatened by the pastor herself. The unnamed pastor ordered Elena not to report the incident to the authorities unless she wanted to go to jail instead.

The sexual harassment continued every Sunday for many months. Finally fed up of being victimized, Elena set up a hidden phone camera in one of the rooms to gather evidence against the suspect.

In the video shared by Elena, it is clear the suspect was aggressively forcing Elena to kiss him.

Another victim came forward with her own allegations against the pastor’s husband after the report was made. The second unnamed victim had previously worked at the church back in 2003.

For her part, the pastor denied the charges filed against her husband, claiming that the video was fake and both victims were actually stealing from the church.

Concerned netizens who heard the pastor’s side weren’t convinced and lambasted the pastor’s story.

Here are a few of the comments written by these netizens:

Yaying Carrie Wilson wrote: “Hey, listen people..... OPEN YOUR EYES! 

This not a proper nor a good church. They are using the vulnerability of devotees & members of their congregation! It's a money making profession these pastors are operating & conducting! They are apostles of Satan! You must alarm the other members of this church. Save them from this evil couple - who is using their authority like any other religious authority, hiding in their cloaks. They should expose of their malpractice! “

Vicky Palmer wrote: “Pakunyari lang ang pastor na yan ! Kailangang mukha niya ilagay sa news, para yong mga insedente na ito ay makita , dahil may marami pang isolated na mga ganitong nangyayari sa pinas!”

Watch the report by AKSYON News as shared by the Raffy Tulfo in Action Facebook page here!

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