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People Were Asked How Often They Making Love, Here Are Their Answers!

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There is no denying that love making or intercourse is one of the most interesting topics to look into. 

It is much debated and really controversial, especially here in the Philippines despite the fact that it is a normal act that couples, lovers, partners do even since the time of our ancestors. It is a fact of life. 

What really is the best age for intercourse? There would be varying answers and endless debate. So instead of dwelling on this never-ending question, the Kinsey Institute, based in Bloomington, Indiana, USAUSA which specializes in research about human s*xuality, conducted a study on how much intercourse does each age group have. 

People Were Asked How Often They Have S*x, Here Are Their Answers

The results were:

18 years old to 29 years old- An average of 112 times a year. 

30 years old to 39 years old- An average of 86 times a year

40 years to 49 years old- An average of 69 times a year. 

The results of the research reveal that as people age, the need and want for s*x decreases. It could also be because of different factors such as physical fitness, environmental stress and time. 

The website Your Tango also conducted a research, where the participants are married couples. Here they aimed to find out how frequently do they have intercourse. 

The answers were: 
Minimum - once per month
Average- once per week 
Ideal- Three to five times per week 

What can you say about these findings regarding lovemaking and intercourse? 

Source: LackFeed

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