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BEWARE: If You See This Slug Inside Your House, You Better Call 911 Because It Is Potentially Deadly!

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Slugs and worms are known to be slow in movement which is why people don’t really consider them as a threat. Due to the fact that it doesn’t have a shell, these creatures don’t really have a well-built defense mechanism to protect themselves. 

However, these creepy crawlies have a slimy, mucous-like secretion which makes them unappetizing to most predators. This serves as their only protection to any harm that may come their way. 

Mostly, the slime that slugs and worms alike produce isn’t really dangerous. Still, there are a few worm species, which are mostly undiscovered, that could cause harm to people. 

One worm in particular has recently come across the attention of scientists. The New Guinea flatworm is a worm that appears to be harmless but is actually quite lethal to both humans and the eco-system alike. First discovered in Miami, the worm made its way lately to the homes of some residents in Cape Coral in Florida.  

The worms in question are harmful to human beings and can cause skin problems once you touch it. Apart from skin problems, these creatures are also known to feed on rats. Once the rats have been consumed by the worms, it can spread parasites into your home which could give you meningitis-causing diseases. 

At first, it affects your lungs, leaving you with a horrible cough. Then, it could eventually lead to problems in your brain and spinal cord.

The biggest threat that these worms have though is to the eco-system. Since the flat worms don’t have a known predator due to the toxic mucous it secretes, they could greatly damage oxygen-giving and fruit-bearing plants. 

Though the slug does not thrive here in the Philippines, it’s still good to be aware of what it looks like in case you happen to come across one. If in case you do see one, authorities say you should pour boiling water over it in order to kill it.

Here is a video of the deadly worm:

Share this video to your friends in order to raise awareness. Have any other ideas to get rid of these worms? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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