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10 Warning Signs That One May Have An HIV Infection! Must Read!

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This is the most common and well-known signs of HIV. But always remember to consult a doctor before jumping into any conclusions. This article is for your information only and one should always be alert when it comes to their health.

Also, always remember that prevention is better than cure, so always use protection when having sex with someone who you do not really know the health status. Or if you already have a wife/husband then just be loyal to them. Unprotected sex can give you various diseases and one of them is HIV.

The most well-known signs of HIV:

1. Fever 
- While having the flu, sudden fever can be a normal thing. However, if this fever stays for too long, then you need to visit your doctor and do some tests immediately. You must know that this is a major symptom of HIV.

2. Always tired
- At this point you need to know that the HIV virus directly affects your stamina. This virus also reduces your energy levels. Therefore, if you feel tired all the time, you must visit your doctor immediately.

3. Aching Muscles
- If your legs, back and joints hurt a lot even when doing the everyday routine tasks, then it is time to visit your doctor.

4. Headache and sore throat
- Immunity will get weak and therefore the infections will attack you very easily. That is why you will often feel irritation in your throat and also you will feel a strong headache for many days and even nights.

5. Skin rashes
- Your skin reveals your overall health. At this point you need to know that the HIV effect also shows on the skin in the form of itchy rashes.
6. Sudden weight loss
- If you have suddenly lost your appetite and you have started to lose weight, then it is the best to you need to know that color changes in your nails can indicate that you are having HIV. Namely if you have HIV your nails will turn yellow.

7. Dry cough
- Formation of dry, sticky cough which remains in your throat is one of the major symptoms of HIV.

8. Sweating in the evenings
- If you are having problem sleeping, if you cannot find your position and you have difficulty breathing, if your body sweats in any temperature, then you need to visit your doctor.

9. Weak undesirable nails
- Even nails get brittle and you can encounter color changes in your nails. They turn yellow.

10. Trouble in fixation and core interest
- An unhealthy body, consequently leads to an unhealthy mind. You feel restless all the time and struggle a lot to set focus on your work.

Note: Consult doctor before coming to any conclusion.

To wrap things up, ensure that you impart this extremely helpful data to your loved ones. You may help somebody in need. Much obliged to you.

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