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Groom Jumps Off The River After He Saw The Face of His Wife

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When two people decide to get married, it means that they are ready for a long-time commitment. They are ready to share their bed with another person, to enter a new chapter of their life, the vow to love one another through ups and downs.

But it will be absurd when one dares to run away on the day of their wedding ceremony. Maybe there could still be reasons why one would back out from the money and effort you spent for a wedding. That there will be a change of heart, a confusion on one’s identity, the fear of commitment, and worse, the disappointment of how your partner might look, that he or she is too ugly that would give you enough reason to ran away on the wedding itself.

Another main reason is because one had been too shocked with the marriage because it is arranged, and only during the wedding the ceremony will be the only chance for them to see each other. There are still some countries who strictly practice this kind of tradition like in Japan, India, Pakistan, Israel and China. Some cultures prefer an arranged marriage to preserve their wealth or on some it has been an agreement between families who have been long-time friends and to continue and seal their friendship, their children will be the victims.

One rare scenario happened in Shiyan City in China during a wedding ceremony, the 33 year old Kang Hu, the groom, ran away from the altar upon seeing the face of her 30 year old bride, Na Sun. He ran away from the altar and tried to end his life by drowning himself in a river.  After hours of searching, he was seen floating on the riverbanks while still wearing his wedding clothes. He was saved and revived and on his interview, he mentioned that he fears his wife will affect his image and the only way to get away from that is to end his life.

We cannot blame him for feeling so lost and scared, but he could have gathered up courage of telling the truth that running away and look like a coward. But this is really one of a kind life story.

Watch the video below:

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