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Woman Undergoes Extreme Plastic Surgery To Escape $3.7 Million Debts

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They say the best way to solve problems is by facing them, but instead of facing challenges, one woman from China tried to escape it by having a total change of her face!

The 59-year-old Zhu Najuan thought that a thousand dollar worth of plastic surgery would spare her from her $3.7 million debt, but her plans terribly failed.

Reports stated that Zhu has a pending court case in Wuhan, Hubei Province ordering her to pay off her debt. But she run away and totally changed her face and identity in the hopes that authorities would not track her.

But to her surprise, Chinese police officials arrested her at her new residence in southern Chineses city of Shenzhen.

Authorities said they were also surprised to found a youthful looking woman who looks totally different. Police said, “We were very surprised at the scene… she looked in her thirties and was different from the photos we had.”

After her arrest, Zhu confessed that she has also been using other people’s identity cards to travel across the country. She also admitted that she was able to finance her plastic surgery by borrowing bank cards from unidentified individuals.

On top of her pending court order, Zhu will be facing criminal charges related to fraud and identity theft.

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