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WATCH: This Boy Filled His Legs With Blood After Dipping It In The Ocean, Find Here Why!

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The temperature nowadays is extremely hot due to global warming. So everybody was thinking to go out of towns and had a quick escape to relax and unwind. When season like this, everyone is thinking the same thing “BEACH”. 

Who will not be mesmerized when you see a clear blue colored water of the ocean? For sure everyone would love to swim and explore the beautiful ocean to the fullest.

But let us see what would you be thinking after reading this hilarious story of a boy happened in one of the beautiful beaches in Australia. His story goes something like this:

After playing football, Sam Kaniyzay, a 16-year-old boy, an athlete, decided to swim to the ocean to lessen the heat of his body and freshen up. It was in Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, Melbourne. He enjoyed the freshness of the water, but suddenly felt strange about his legs. It became numb and something was pinching his feet. When he looked at it, his legs were covered by blood and immediately went out of the water. 

My first instinct was that I must have stepped on a rock. But I realized that couldn’t have been it, because it was evenly distributed over my whole ankle and foot. I wasn’t really thinking about being eaten.”

When he was home, he tried to wash his legs with water, but the blood continued to flow so his father, Jarrod brought him to the hospital. 

We had the emergency room full of everybody that was working there just fascinated, they were all on Google afterward, hypothesizing as to what happened. They pretty much had 10 different hypotheses but nothing yet.”

The doctors admitted Sam due to constant bleeding of his wounds. For almost 24 hours of observation, the wounds were getting worse and do not stop from bleeding so he stayed in the hospital for a couple of days. 

The father decided to went back to the beach to know what really happened to his son. He saw a raw steak and a net. From there, he concluded that his son’s legs were attacked by sea creatures called sea fleas. 

“We found thousands of little mite-type creatures in our net. We put them in an Esky and brought them home and looked at them intently and let them swim in white dishes with red meat. Interestingly, overnight they’ve essentially all clung to the meat and have been busy overnight eating it.”

A marine scientist from the Museum Victoria named Dr. Genitor Walker-Smith examined the bugs brought by Jarrod and confirmed that those were sea fleas.

“They’re there all the time; you could put a piece of meat in the water, anywhere in the bay, and you could find them. I think this is quite a rare thing. I really just think [Sam] was in the wrong place at the wrong time, probably.”

The spokesperson of Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning said that “sea fleas were a common and natural part of a healthy marine ecosystem that keeps our marine waters clean by consuming dead and dying marine animals”.

Watch the video below:

While the issue is under investigation, the people in Brighton especially the members of the local sports club were advised to avoid getting into the water until the case was resolved 

Did you find it creepy? Do you still swim into the ocean after reading Sam’s story?

Let me hear from you, write your comments below.


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