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WARNING: Never Mix Cucumber and Tomatoes When Making a Salad, Here’s Why!

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Are you on a diet right now and considering including healthy salad on your next meal plan? Well good for you as this salad contains different fruits and vegetables that are good for our health.

However, are you aware that there are some fruits and vegetables that you are not supposed to mix or eat together? Like cucumbers and tomatoes. Individually, these two are awesome for our body as they contain water, antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins.
But when they are mixed together, like in most of the salads choices, they could cause a lot of side effects. This is because one of them has fast digestion rate while the other has slow digestion rate. It will cause the lighter ingredient to end up passing the intestine after the first one is completely digested. This kind of food fermentation in your stomach may potentially be poisonous.

As shocking as it is, experts suggest that cucumber and tomatoes are not compatible to be consumed together as they release acid into the abdominal cavity for digestion and could lead to numerous digestive problems.

Aside from cucumbers and tomatoes, experts say that eating fruits and vegetable at the same time is not a good idea as the fruits takes time to be digested and should never remain in your digestive system for too long. Eating fruits after meal is also dangerous as it may result in fermented wine in your stomach which may lead to acid reflux.

Another ingredient that should not be mixed to eat is meat and cheese because we should only choose one protein per meal. Mixing bread and noodles with orange juice is also a bad idea as the acid destroys the enzyme responsible for starch digestion.

So next time you grab that salad for your diet plan, make sure not to mix cucumber and tomatoes together.  Do you know someone who is fond of eating this vegetable mix? Share this information with them, who knows, you might e able to save their lives.


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