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This Woman Is Tired of Her Husband's Lack Of Energy And Excitement In Bed. The Next Thing That Happened Was UNEXPECTED!

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For couples – married or otherwise – love making is a significant part of the relationship. S*x is an expression of love and affection, which is why it feels best to do it with someone you love passionately. However, statistics say that s*xual desire wanes the longer a couple stays together.
This is a common dilemma for many long-term couples. Usually, married couples become busy with work and raising kids, leading to less time to get frisky in the bedroom. This was most probably the case with the couple in the funny anecdote below.

Curious? Read on to find out what happened between this married couple.

Married couple Jack and Margaret hadn’t had s*x for a month now. To get a breath of fresh air and to reevaluate their relationship, they visited their friends – a married couple just them – who owned a farm out in Kansas. Upon arriving, Jack went with his farmer friend to see his new tractor. Margaret then followed the farmer’s wife to look at their cattle.

When Margaret saw that they only had one bull out of 30 cows, she asked the farmer’s wife: “How many times per week does the bull get to breed?”

She replied, “Oh, 4-5 times each day.”

Margaret then raised her eyebrow and said: “Wow, tell that to my husband when he comes by, he could learn a thing or two.”

A few moments later, Jack visited the barn. When the farmer’s wife told him about what Margaret said, he asked: “Same cow every time?”

“Oh no, a different cow every time,” the farmer’s wife answered.

Jack then replied, “Tell that to my wife.”

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