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This Teenager's Virginity Was Taken By Her Own Father. Now She's Planning To Marry Him!

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A father’s love for his child is one of the strongest kinds of love. There are a lot of children who are reportedly close to their dads than they are to their mothers. One girl thought became so close to her long lost father that when they finally saw each other, they fell in love. To make matters worse, she lost her virginity to him.

According to a report written by the Mirror, an 18-year-old girl fell in love with her estranged dad who has been absent for almost a decade. When she turned 17, the two of them reunited and that was when their relationship started to blossom.

According to the report, the two have been chatting online for a few weeks until they eventually decided to meet-up. Once they saw each other in person, the attraction they felt was instant.

In an interview, the girl, who is now 18 years old, said:

“It was so weird and confusing. I was seeing my dad for the first time in forever but it was also like, He’s so good-looking!

She added:
“I saw him as my dad but then also part of me was like, I’m meeting this guy who I have been talking to over the internet and really connecting with and I find him attractive.”

The two of them then stayed with each other for a week and after 5 days of spending time together, they admitted to each other what their real feelings were. Eventually, she lost her virginity to him.

Now, they are engaged and are planning to have kids.
What’s even more surprising is the fact that some of their relatives know about their relationship and don’t seem to mind at all. However, her mother is still not aware of what’s happening.

The girl says that she will eventually tell her mom what is happening between her and her dad once they move to New Jersey where incestuous relationships are not punishable by law.

Asked if she was worried about the potential genetic problems their future kids might have, she said:

“I wouldn’t risk having a kid if I thought it would be harmful. I’ve done my research.”

“Incest has been around as long as humans have. Everybody just needs to deal with it as long as nobody is getting hurt or getting pressured or forced.”

However, she says she will most likely not tell their kids that their dad is also their grandfather. She stated:

“We’ve decided that most likely we won’t. I don’t want to give them any problems.”

Meanwhile, there was also a report that a young man fell in love and even had kids with his own mom. We guess that incest is not so uncommon after all.

What can you say about this story? Do you think people should accept the fact that incest is just as common as normal relationships? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

Source: Mirror

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