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The Shape Of Your Butt Reveals Something Interesting About Your Health!

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Being sexy is not just having a thin and slender body; one of the things that make a woman sexy is her butt. There is something special about butts that makes on effortlessly sexy, it’s less sensual but definitely an eye catcher.

Some of the personalities famous for their sexy butts were Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj. Most of them are gained projects because of that sexy bottom.

Women from all over the world has different booty sizes. Some were gifted with the perfect pear shaped ass, while others we’re not so blessed but still happy with their flat rear gears.

But did you know that aside from being sexy, the shape of a woman’s butt actually reveals something about her health? 

Well, checkout the photo below and read on what you butt shape says about your health.

V Shape

- This inverted shaped butt is common for women who have lower estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels is said to be the cause of some changes in a woman’s body such as having irregular menstrual period, hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness.
A Shape

- Also called heart or pear shape, this booty shape is probably the most desirable bottom shape. But this butt shape means that there are extra weight stored on the upper thighs which leads the bottom part to lose fat faster when a woman age.

O Shape

- Although a round shaped booty means there are several fat storage near the upper part of a woman’s glutes, overall it an indication of good and healthy butt.

H Shape

- Square shaped bottoms could mean two things; first, the person could have a bit of fat around the love handle and second, women with this butt shape exercises but does not have strong glutes or the muscle on the hips.

Overall, all fats on our butt is not bad, it is there for a reason. However, your body’s fat distribution what’s important as even fat distribution can help lower risk of serious conditions like diabetes.

Source: DavidWolfe

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