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Soldier Records His Homecoming But Was Shocked When He Saw His Wife With Another Man In Their Bathroom!

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Marines and soldiers leave their family behind to serve the country and protect its countrymen.

They may receive good salary and benefits but the counterpart is risking their lives. Their job is not easy since the whole country rely on them to maintain the peace and orderliness.

Marine deployment can last for a longer period of time, thus, they look forward to going home and be with their family when they’re allowed to.

Just like this US Marine, he planned to surprise his wife and daughter but he was the one caught off guard instead.

Upon arrival to their house, it was his little girl who greeted him first. Then, he went upstairs to look for his wife and she wasn’t alone. She was with another man who is also a US Marine in their bedroom being intimate with each other.

The guy whom she was with run away from the house. Leaving the wife to face their consequences.

You wouldn’t expect what the husband did. He simply went after the guy and told him to get out of their house instead of being violent.

After all the unwanted circumstance, the wife only uttered “What are you doing here?”

Watch the video below:

Source: YouTube

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