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Researchers Invented A Wearable Anti-Rape Sticker Making It Easier For Victims To Call For Help

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The possibility of being a victim of sexual assault is just around the corner, offenders can attack anyone, anytime, and anywhere. If you’ll be caught in this situation, do you have a concrete plan on how to fight back or escape?

Initially, a sexual assault victim will cry out and scream on the top of his/her lungs for help. But what if you are in a secluded place that no one could hear you and is physically not capable to defend yourself?

Good thing, experts have created a new technology that will prevent sexual assault. A team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) came up with this invention that will make it easy for sexual assault victim to call for help.

They created Project Intrepid, an anti-sexual assault sticker designed to fit into different types of clothing which will help wearers from a possible sexual attack.
The wearable technology is composed of a sticker which is needed to be paired with a mobile device.  Once the wearer is forcefully touched or undressed, the device will send an alert to its paired mobile device. The sticker could also be activated in case they are conscious during the attack.

If the wearer could not send a response during the allotted time, the paired device will send the wearer’s geolocation information to his/her “safety circle” of contacts.

One of the contacts in the safety circle will also get a phone call wherein they could hear the noise and conversation picked up by the technology’s microphone.

Watch how Project Intrepid works below:

This wonderful invention is available to be used by people from all walks of life; from women, children, elderly, and even people with disability.

What can you say about this newly developed anti-sexual assault technology? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.

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