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OFW Went Home Only To Discovered Her Long Time Best Friend And Kumare Was Sleeping With Her Man While She’s Abroad!

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It seems impossible to grow a relationship when you are away from each other. The temptations are very high as well as the need for a companionship.

Veronica Jhane Enriquez who is an OFW in Dubai went home to reconcile with her fiance because she has done something bad in the past and their communication was cooled off.

Only to find out that her best friend for 12 years is meddling with her fiance.

Veronica’s daughter told her mother that her dad has a girlfriend which is Camille, which happens to be a godmother of the kid.

Veronica just laughed and didn’t believe her daughter. Apparently, it is all true and she posted it on Facebook which captures sympathies and also bashing from netizens.

Source: DefinitelyFilipino

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