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MUST READ: Thease Are The Top 8 Reasons Why Men Love It When Their Partner Is On Top Of Them!

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Some men get turned on when their partner chooses to be on top when they hit the sheets. There is something about watching your girlfriend take on the dominant role that makes some men go wild.

Men also see a girl on top as a sign of confidence—and confidence easily translates to sexy.

But of course, the reason can be no simpler than the fact that men can be quite lazy sometimes and would rather prefer to just lay down and let their partner take over.
If you’re a woman and you still have hesitations on being on top, then check out the reasons below on why men love women on top. These pointers might change your mind.

1. He can sit back and relax. Like what we have already mentioned above, men may sometimes prefer to just lie down and relax. Is he tired from work or school? Get on top and let him rest up.

2. He can effortlessly get a full-frontal view. He can just lie back and watch you do the deed.

3. He can reach around and grab your assets with less effort. If he loves to grab your butt, then this would be such a great position.

4. He can see you from a different angle. Having you on top is a unique position and it will definitely turn him on, especially if you’re sitting up like a cowgirl.

5. You can pin him down. Yes, because some men are turned on by women who dominate in bed.

6. He can lift you up and down. He can grab your hips and do some s*x ballet.

7. You can do what you want! Being on top means you’re the one who’s in control. You can even pull off reverse missionary if you want.

8. Yup, you can just grind on him.

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