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Man Used His Fingers To Pleasure His Girlfriend While They're Inside The Subway And He Did This Afterwards!

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Everyone expects couples to be sweet with each other. It’s quite normal to see lovers holding hands and showing their affection to one another especially in public places. However, there are some couples who just can’t help but be too intimate in front of everybody else. This couple was caught on camera doing something rather nasty in public transport.

In a recent post by a Chinese Facebook group, a girl can be seen resting her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder while they were on board a train. At first look, it would appear that the girl is sleeping. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the guy’s hand is hidden behind a bag placed on the girl’s lap.

Further, into the video, the guy’s hand appears to be moving and touching something in between the girl’s legs. True enough, the man appears to have been pleasuring his girl all along.

However, just when the girl was enjoying what her boyfriend was doing, he did something totally unexpected.

As the guy looked at his partner, whose eyes were closed probably from too much pleasure, he then decided to let her have a whiff of where his fingers have been. This obviously woke the girl up and made her giggle a bit.

To get back at her boyfriend, she made him smell his own hand too.
The guy was a sport and teased his girlfriend, acting as if he fainted due to the smell of her private part.

Watch the video below to see what happened:

What can you say about what these two lovebirds did? Did you find it offensive since they did it on public transport or did you think it was hilarious? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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