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Groom Immediately Cancels Wedding After Seeing The Video of Her Bride in Bachellorette Party!

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A bachelorette party is a chance for the soon-to-be-bride to be wild and naughty before she commits her life as a married woman. This party often involves kinky stuff the bride’s friends have prepared to have fun and go wild.

It might come with different naughty objects from cakes to candles, to food served. They may even wear bunny bands or gifted the bride most sensual objects from lingerie to things. But the main event will always be when the friends hired a stripper to steam the room.

This celebration is supposed to be a secret among the invited guests. But things had gone to another notch when the woman was caught on cam looking joyful and unmindful as she enjoys the wild act, seemingly faltered with every thrust the macho stripper is doing on her. On the video, she was surrounded by her friends while the stripper was having a go at her.

Things went wrong when someone hacked the video and sent this to the woman’s fiancee. It is supposed to be a secret, yet any man seeing his girl with another man might tear his world to pieces. This made the decision of that man to immediately cancel their wedding. The woman doesn’t have anything in defense for she is caught on the cam and there’s no way to assume innocence because it looks she enjoyed every moment of her party.

Bachelorette party has been a nightmare to this girl, it turned out it is literally celebrating her singleness for the rest of her life because of this incident. If we would empathize with the man, are we going to do the same? Is there no room for second chances? If he really loves the woman, should he forgive her?

For obvious reason, The video was taken down was immediately taken down from Facebook and Youtube.

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