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"Dinidiin nya po ung b*oobs ko, Kinaen nya po *ri ko" Model Seeks Help After She Was Sexually Abused By her Photographer

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A career in modeling can be a very worthwhile business to get into – all you need is a talented photographer and the good looks needed to become an aspiring model. Contrary to popular belief, it takes a lot of hard work to become a model and try to make a living by profiting from your good looks. Naturally, that means that most models (both male and female) have to start from the bottom and work their way to the top.

Unfortunately, there’s always the chance that someone who claims to be in the modeling industry will take advantage of an aspiring model.

Take this viral story for example. A model hidden under the name “Maris” alleges that her photographer molested her while working together.

That’s why she asked for tough-talking broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to help her with this issue.

Maris recalled:

“Nung una po nun magme-meet kami sa may Mcdo. Tapos po pagdating niya po dun, actually may kasama po ako, ayaw niya po na may kasama ako dun sa venue na ipagph-photo shoot namin.”

Raffy Tulfo then asked where she met this photographer. She answered: “Sa Facebook po.”
When asked what the photo shoot pictures were for, Maris admitted that she didn’t know – she only assumed that the photos were for his portfolio and would serve as exposure for the aspiring model. Essentially, their deal was that he would feature Maris on his Facebook page where she would get mainstream exposure.

Maris then narrated that she was taken to hotel room for their photo shoot. The photographer excused himself and went to take a shower. When he returned, he was only wearing boxers and a sando shirt.

Then she was told to wear the pants he was wearing along with a pair of t-back string underwear. She was then instructed to wear a jacket without a bra and shirt. It was at this moment that Raffy Tulfo asked her if doubt was starting to creep in as she was in a hotel room with another man! With no makeup artists or any other staff or crew members, no less.

She said she did, but had experienced this setup before. That’s when she revealed what this photographer had done to her.

“Dinidiin nya po ung boobs ko, Kinain nya po ari ko,” Maris recalls. Then Mr. Tulfo spoke with the accused photographer.

Facebook netizen Mon Arroyo Gallego shared this video of Sir Raffy Tulfo, mediating between both parties.

Watch the viral video here for more details:

Netizens were naturally outraged at these accusations and shared their reactions. Read some of them here:

What can you say about these allegations of s*xual harassment leveled at this so-called “tuhographer?” Do you think the perverted photographer should be arrested for his untoward actions?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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