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A Filipino Farmer’s Son Is Set To Fulfill His College Degree At Harvard University!

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They say every child has the right to have the proper education, but due to the hardships in life some children could not afford to have a decent education. But if you have innate intelligence and work hard enough, you will receive a blessing that will help you achieve a good education that will later on help you achieve your goals in life.

Just like this very fortunate Filipino student who was given a chance to study in one of the most prestigious university in the world, Harvard University. Although there are also other Filipinos who are rich enough to afford studying in the said university, Romnick “Rom” Blanco is different, as he is a son of a humble Pinoy farmer.

Rom is 7th among the 9 sons of a farmer in Sierra Madre. As a child, he passes through a long and tough path just to go to school; he crossed rivers with no bridges and walk through unpaved and undeveloped roads just to finish his studies.

His hard work and dedication paid off in 2011 when he became a scholar of a non-government organization called GreenEarth Heritage Foundation which promotes sustainable agricultural development. The organization’s farm is located at the foothills of Sierra Madre in San Miguel, Bulacan.

As a scholar, he received monthly allowance enough to pay for the costs of is education. Aside from that, he could also use the foundation’s English and computer literacy class for free.

Because of his diligence and intellect, later on GreenEarth granted him a 5-year scholarship at the International School of Manila. According to the foundation’s founder and Rom’s foster mother, Dr. Lylen Matti, “Rom has special favor from the Lord. He has a destiny to fulfill in Him, thus the Lord is equipping and empowering him now with better education."

After graduating in the International School of Manila, Row once again received a college scholarship abroad where he can choose to study among the top-rating universities such as Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Wesleyan University, and the New York University at Abu Dhabi.

When asked why he chose to study at Harvard, Rom explained, “I selected Harvard for all that it represents. Its reputation precedes itself. I love its motto, ‘Veritas: I will go where truth leads me.”

This year, Harvard accepted his application and is set to begin his journey studying abroad in 2018.
Despite this accomplishment and privilege, Rom remains humble and said, “This amazing blessing that I have received will be looked upon by many as an achievement, but if I were to be very honest, I truthfully believe that what happened to me was nothing short of a miracle.”

Rom also hopes to inspire Filipinos with his story, he added, “If they write about me, people will be happy to read my story for two minutes, feel good, be inspired, and then they will quickly forget. But if they talk about the kind of community I come from, full of hopelessness, poverty, and despair, and talk about how GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is addressing the problems, that will serve a bigger group of people beyond myself, I think that has more impact.”

 Congratulation, Rom! And good luck to your journey.

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