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80-Year-Old Woman Rapes 13-Year-Old Boy Everytime Her Husband Not At Home!

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A pedophile is someone with a psychiatric disorder called pedophilia which is characterized as an adult who is experiencing exclusive sexual attraction among children ages 13 below.

When authorities look for a prospective pedophile, they usually tag men as offenders. However, there are also some women child abusers just like this case in Indonesia where a 13-year-old fall victim for an 80-year-old lady pedophile.

The teenage boy’s mother brought the complaint against the elderly woman named Jowo to Kota Palembang police. Based on the report published by the Indonesian-based news agency, Harian Metro, the boy’s mother named a Rohana discovered about the abuse one day when her son went home feeling so distressed.

The mother asked what’s bothering his adolescent son, and then he revealed that he was being forced by Jowo to have sex with her. Rohana said, “My child is still small, but he was already forced to do something that I can’t accept.”

Jowo is a familiar face along the neighborhood as she collects items to recycle as a living. At her old age, it was very easy for her to lure the kids to go to her home.

According to the victim, when he went to Jowo’s home her husband was not around. That was when the old woman forced him to have sex with her, the poor boy said, “When her husband isn’t home, she will ask me to have sex with her. She threatened to murder me if I didn’t comply.”

The grade 2 junior high school student also said that he was forced to have sex with the old woman for about 10 times already and Jowo would give him 15 Rupiah (roughly 5-centavo in peso) whenever she would rape him.

He clearly knew that what Jowo is doing to his body is wrong but could not totally process it as Jowo is old enough to be his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Palembang Criminal Investigation Department Head, Yo Edi Winara confirmed that the investigation against Jowo’s crime is ongoing.

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